Activities for Older People During This Lockdown

Activities for Older People During This Lockdown-byuttaranand.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is spread worldwide and in this condition, people panic and this is a tough time for many of us. 

After having nation lockdown till 14 April, on 14th April Prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has extended the nation lockdown till 03 May due to coronavirus.

In this panic and stressed situation, especially for the older adults & we need to make new changes in our activity planning and make some new changes accordingly with new rules and regulations. 

Many people like us are in this complicated situation. To get rid of the stress and anxiety in this lockdown and stay productive and for that, we have come up with some beneficial points that will definitely help you.

Stay Relax & Solve Puzzles

At this time it is very necessary to stay relaxed and keep your mind busy to stay away from stress and anxiety. For that uttaranand app is here for you.

Uttaranand app has classic movies, latest news articles, small quizzes, that will provide relaxation to your mind while enjoying the lockdown period.

Exercise & Meditation

Like learning a new thing or develop a new hobby or solving any puzzles, this lockdown also gives you some time to perform some exercise and meditation for better physical and mental health at your home.

Use the Uttaranand app, it has videos and clips that will guide you in the right way how to do exercise and meditation without any help of professionals.

Stay Productive

There are many productive activities you can embrace but due to the busy lifestyle, we were not able to do. 

In this lockdown period, you have an opportunity to embrace those productive activities to skill up yourself or develop any new hobby that makes your lockdown period more enjoyable and productive.

Stay virtually connected

In this lockdown period, you can’t go out and meet your relatives, old and new friends, neighbors and loved ones. So, it is very imperative for you to stay connected with your relatives. 

It will give you pleasure and also use social media to connect with your old school friends and relive the old memories in this lockdown period and the Uttaranand app helps you to stay connected with your loved ones.


Make this coronavirus lockdown the most memorable, enjoyable and productive time by playing some games, exercise, and improve your mental and physical health.

Tell us what you think about the above-mentioned points in the comment section.

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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