Benefits of Social Media for older adults


Social media has a huge influence on our lives and now our grandparents are not apart from its influence.

Social media has changed the way to interact with people around the world. 

There are many seniors are logging into social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc than ever. 

There are numerous benefits of social media for older adults. Let’s take a look at the benefits of social media for older adults

Keep connected

By using social media sites like Facebook, older adults stay connected to their kids and grandchildren.

In fact, they can reconnect with the old school, college and office lost friends. This helps to diminish the feeling of isolation in older adults.

Nurture Hobbies & Interests

Social media is a platform that gives our older adults changes to give a second chance to their hobbies and interests and nurture it.

Like if you are the food lover and always try to make new food post it on the cooking recipes group and post it on your timeline.

And if you are a photography lover share you clicked photos on your Instagram handle.

Forge to make new friends

Social media is not only about connecting only with your lost friends but also connect with new persons around the world with having the same interests and start and make some meaningful friendships.

Can be Entertaining

Last but not least, social media is the best source of entertainment. Either it is laughing at meme, a relatable video clip, reading articles, playing games, and many more.


Social media is a great way to live, laugh and share. So does your seniors use social media? If your answer is no, ask them to join and see it how social media affects their lives.

Till then, Stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands and be happy.

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