Benefits of Technology to Share with Senior Citizens


Many young people roll their eyes over senior citizens who were unable to learn the technology as fast as they do.

Because technology is changing drastically over the years. Rotary phones replaced by mobile phones, transistor radios, telegrams, and tape-recorders are non-existent.

There are many benefits of these technologies for older adults when there was no one.

New technology can significantly influence the quality of life for older adults.

Innovative technology can keep your loved ones protected and socially connected while making less stressful for family members.

Benefits of Technology for Senior Citizens

Social Connection

Staying socially engaged is very important for healthy aging and maintaining a healthy body. 

It is not always possible to visit your friends and family or infrequent of they don’t live nearby.

However, technology can’t replace the in-person human interaction but still chat and video calling options make you enable them to stay connected with family and friends.

Uttaranand app enables its users to stay connected to their loved ones from any place.

Medication Engagement

Keep tracking your medication is a herculean task for the senior citizen when they are maintaining more than 2 prescriptions of drugs. 

Which medicine do you need to take with food and without food? Should be taken in the morning or in the evening?

To get rid of this, the medicine reminder feature of the Uttaranand app that keeps tell you the ‘time to refill’ can make your medication engagement simple and stress-free.

Not only medication reminders but also older adults can also make their own diet chart, awareness articles on health problems, get assistance/nursing, and can attend health seminars nearby you.


Safety is the paramount concern with the older adults. And we all love our family and friends. 

We always have concerns about their safety and the Uttaranand app has also the same concern for you.

The emergency call feature of the Uttaranand app enables its users to make an emergency call when they are in unfortunate circumstances.


Since our childhood, we all have heard this phrase “Health is Wealth”.

And yes it is crucial to understand that to stay healthy and fit is very important especially after the 50ies.

For staying physically fit, you can see video clips of exercise and yoga through the Uttaranand app and can follow the diet chart.

For mental health, you can perform some brainstorming puzzles and quizzes through the app.

Final Remarks

These are the benefits of technology you can share with older adults that definitely impact on their life and make their life easy and convenient.

With the help of the Uttaranand app, you can access all the given benefits of technology.

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