How to Stay Socially Connected in Social Distancing


It is important for all ages to stay socially connected with families, friends, and loved ones and stay safe and the well-being of older adults at the same time. 

With the help of technology, we have a lot of options to connect with our families and friends. By doing the phone call, video calls you can connect with your favorite persons. In the below, we are going to discuss some points that can help to create a social connection in the social distancing. 

Join e-book clubs

If you are the one who loves to read books, you should join online book clubs. There are many ways to join a book club. The book club member will choose a book to read and later will discuss the book with the other members. In this way, you’ll find more new friends who have the same taste.

Make phone call

We all need to interact and communicate to talk and give our opinion. While maintaining the social distance you can do phone calls to your loved ones, families, and friends in this lockdown period. A phone call does wonder, it helps our seniors who are struggling with the loneliness. 

Do video call

If you’re feeling nostalgic or living in nostalgia, Skype, zoom, messenger Duo, Facetime, and many other apps that provide the functionality of doing video call or conferencing to your loved ones, families and friends who are stuck at the other place due to work or any other thing in this lockdown period.

Play online Games

Playing games is the best pastime thing for all age but in the time of uncertainty, you can’t play outside of your home. This is the best time when you can play online games with your family and friends and our grandparents can also play at their home while maintaining social distancing. Uttaranand app is the app for people above the age of 50 and in this app older adults can also play some brain puzzling quizzes.


Due to this pandemic situation, it is essential to stay at your home by maintaining the social distance. Crisis and uncertain times like this can cause anxiety and increase the stress level. So follow the above-mentioned points will definitely help you. 

Till then, stay safe, stay at home, wash your hands, and be happy

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